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Modular Electric Deck Oven

Modular Electric Deck Ovens

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Custom Built Deck Oven to meet YOUR needs! Choose from 1, 2, 3 or 4 decks. Two, three, four and six pan deck oven capacity. Two to twenty-four pan capacity. Four and six pan decks designed for use with loaders.

Deck Oven offers superior baking for artisan bread/rolls/sandwich rolls/pizza and pastry -
All at the same time in different oven decks with separate bake times, temperature or steam time.

-- Versatile
-- Economical, each deck operates independently
-- Decks Operate Independently without heat
-- Computerized Control Panel
-- Web Linen Front
-- Deck Stone Hearth
-- All Stainless Steel Exterior And interior

Baker's Best Modular Deck Oven   Baker's Best Modular Deck Oven    Baker's Best Modular Deck Oven   Baker's Best Modular Deck Oven  

   Deck Oven Control Panel            Pan Shelf                      Swing-In Doors

Modular Deck Oven Control Panel Deck Oven Pan ShelfDeck Oven Swing In Doors

Optional Deck Oven Interior Heights
8’’ - 9’’ - 11’’

Deck Oven 8 inch Height Deck Oven 9 inch  HeightDeck Oven 11 inch height

Manufacturing Plant

Deck Oven Mfg Plant

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