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automatic bread line equipment

bread production

This automatic system is comprised of four pieces of equipment:

  • Divider: Designed to achieve a wide range of weights and is equipped with a system to roll the dough into a cylindrical shape

  • Intermediate Proofer: Designed so that, once the baguette is formed, it is given a little more proofing time in order to allow a greater stretch without causing the breakdown of the dough.

  • Molder/cutter: Allows for a gentle stretching action giving the baguette a perfectly cylindrical shape with a maximum length of approximately 31 inches. A cutter is also included which allows the operator to divide the baguette into two or more.

  • Auto Panner: Designed to deposit the rolls/baguettes onto grooved trays of two different sizes. Maximum dropping speed is 32pieces/minute.


Automatic Bread Production Line

automatic bread production line eqipment specification

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